Santorini Black Sand Beach | Half Moon Pendant Necklace

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This pendant is part of our "Black Sand Beach" collection which we create using black volcanic sand from famous Santorini island.

One of a kind pendant that let you carry a tiny piece of Greek nature with you .

Connect with your love of nature with our Black Sand Beach Collection.

Choose between two different types of metals:

- copper

-sterling silver 925

A round bezel is filled with black sand some color and bio-based resin and hung on metal chain or leather cord.

Available in a variety of cord lengths and bezel sizes.

See in photos for our standard length range.


keep in mind that colors may vary from photos or even

look different on different computer screens. As we create each color

from scratch, each piece is unique and we cannot guarantee you will

receive an item exactly identical to what is that shown online.

If you desire any custom design please do not hesitate to contact us.

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